Hi there! I'm Kylie, a computer scientist, and aspiring Master's student.

I've been studying vast topics within computer science for four years now, completing my undergrad degree in May 2022, and soon continuing into my graduate degree. During my time in school, I gathered knowledge of the programming languages Python, Java, MATLAB, C, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These languages were used to create a variety of projects such as databases in PostgreSQL and SQL Workshop, GUIs, websites (front-end and back-end), operating system clones, and more.

I currently work as a part-time Computer Purchasing employee. Though, my professional computer science experience lies within previous academic research work and freelancing projects, mainly scraping the internet for relevant project data to analyze and use within published research papers or client projects. Web scraping is my most practiced area of work since it is used within the most recent projects I've created so far. I use Python, Selenium, and Beautiful Soup, in addition to Python libraries such as Pandas to scrape the web, but I have also used APIs for Twitter and Reddit scraping.

If you are interested in my work, feel free to send me a message! I do ask that if you have a scraping project in mind, please provide where I will gather data from and any types of search filters you would like to add. If you're wanting to see what I can do with my other skills, I am happy to converse about your project idea!